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Deyan Georgiev

vocals, guitar


Dinko Gospodinov



Svetozar Nanev

vocals, bass

Ivan Ivanov


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Photographer: Krasimir Kanchev



Damien Unleash


 Damien unleash is a project of Trendafil Tochev - a good friend and supporter of the band. Stylistically, it tends to heavy currents such as thrash and death metal, where the heart of its leader belongs from many years. As a collaboration of raw riffs and away sweeping vocals, Damien unleash corresponds to the higher degree to the ideas of S.E.E.




The Band

S.E.E. (Southeast End of Europe) is an alternative musical project with a contemporary sound, coherent with the modern heavy-music trends. Since its inception in the summer of 2016, the band had been evolving conceptually until it was finally established in its current setup in 2020. Despite of varying individual music preferences, each of the band’s members has conquered their spot in the hearts of the others. The intersection point is anywhere between friendship, family, versatile interests, nature, and – why not – space dimensions.

Just look at the sky!

Let the spirit fly!

Raise fist and pay the price!

Let death off your eyes!

(S.E.E. – Life is a rage)

The Name

The name of the band signifies our belonging to that so culturally and historically distinct part of the European continent where we were born, live and make music. A region soaked up with blood and mystic, with buried prophecies and legends, with centuries-long spirituality to which we hope to contribute with our music creations.


The prophecy’s revealed.

The legacy is sealed.

The roots are strong, you know.

We are ready. Steady... Go!

(S.E.E. - Legacy)

The Music

The goal of S.E.E.’s music is to achieve a deep emotional bond with the audience. It is the transcendent channel conducting our enthusiasm, temperament and willpower to their minds. Inspired by the dark reality and social injustice, S.E.E.’s music aims at provoking discontent with the brutality of our surrounding environment.

Throw me away! Away from light!

To live in dark side.

This is my last sacrament.

Show me the way of the broken!

(S.E.E. – The last sacrament)

The Message

S.E.E. is the invisible window which the ray of hope shines through, even into closed eyes. The lyrics are a spell against the outstretched claws of melancholy and apathy. They are here to show that pain can be intoxicating and that it could nurture one’s success. They are here to open that door in one’s soul behind which the most intimate fears are hidden and to defeat them. They look beyond the masks of falsity and hypocrisy. They erase hesitation and wipe away the tears of weakness. They unveil the drape of social blindness and reveal the true values and the right direction. They scream out loud that everyone can feel brave and purposeful, even in the darkness.

Let’s take a look above. Let’s take a look within.


Four drumsticks. Sliding of strings.

Here we begin…

The darkness is complete.



Band members

Trendafil Tochev

Tel: +359 88 427 0042